Consulting Color Wellness

Call out to Color Wellness is first of all to benefit from a recognized know-how. It also means taking advantage of rigorous support and monitoring of your project to ensure its commercial success. good choice of colors and materials, while taking into account the importance of light.

Accompanying for space management

Color Wellness Design accompanies you in the choice of colors and materials in spaces (offices, corridors, waiting rooms, rooms, etc.).

Accompanying in new products creation

Get support for choosing new materials and colours when launching new products (trends, etc.)

Your benefits


customer or user needs


by color intelligence


positioning your establishment, brand or product

Be recognized

as a partner concerned with the well-being of users

Space management support

We offer our expertise in management of materials and colors in the spaces.

We create wellness spaces in the following sectors :
– office to improve life at work
– Health to reduce anxiety in patients
– Gerontology to soothe the elderly or those with Alzheimer’s
– Education to promote the awakening of children or the daily life of the student
– Hotels, for improving the comfort and experience of travelers.

Thanks to our advice, you are assured of using materials and colors adapted to your establishment and its users.

Several nurseries, nursing homes, institutions for Alzheimer’s patients,etc., are already using our services.

Contact us for more information.

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Product design support

We support manufacturers in the design of their new products through a well-defined strategy and process.

Our expertise in colour, its influence on behavior or psychology allows us to understand the needs and reactions of the user. The goal is to create an emotional bond with the customer through the brand to promote sales.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for the launch of your new collections.