Color Wellness Design: References

Janus of design:

When she worked at Tarkett, Béatrice Mange obtained the Janus of Service Design for her study “prescription help tool on education expertise”.

Her experience is now recognized, which is why she is now part of the Janus jury.

Testimonials :

Béatrice Mange accompanied me on the development of our future color ranges for the bathroom with sensitivity and methodology.
Through the analysis of trends adapted to each brand and its recommendations, colour is a strong issue for the Atlantic group.

Atlantic Group

We had the chance to meet Beatrice.
She was immediately excited by our project to open a new crèche to accommodate children aged 2 months to 4 years.

She offered to help us with the choice of colors of the walls as well as the furniture.
Through the many exchanges with Beatrice and her book, I was able to realize the importance of choosing the colors well because they have a huge impact on everyday life and the different moments with the children.

Example : Put softer colors in the dormitories to soothe the children before they fall asleep, avoid ingesting too bright colors like orange in the room where the children eat.

Since we opened, I have seen that having small, colorful sections has led children to be much calmer.
Even educators feel more the urge to come and work in a beautiful colorful structure than in faded, lifeless white rooms.

Butzen-Spaass Creche

Beatrice gave us an analysis of the effects of color on the functional, the emotion, the differentiations, the styles and trends... She did that with clarity and empathy for customer needs.

Philippe JARNIAT
Ameublement Français

Beatrice, a professional SINCERITY in the service of Research through Design

Beatrice's listening, intellectual honesty, sensitivity and skills immediately seduced me. I appreciated its great constructive strength to position the human being at the center of the project and our many professional exchanges (Tarkett and LaSer / Galeries Lafayette Group), institutional (VIA, the APCI Design Observer) and academics (EnsAD-PSL, EnsadLab, School of Mines-PSL and Université Paris-Dauphine-PSL).

Beatrice, a VISION for the "flooring of tomorrow" project

The research project by the Design of the "flooring of tomorrow" was only able to develop within EnsadLab and Tarkett thanks to Beatrice's insight, curiosity and generosity. His multidisciplinary methodological approach to this complex project allowed us to work and anticipate in a climate of trust during the five years of the partnership. Beatrice was able to affirm the essential role of the "catalyst-entrepreneur designer" that today must be a designer in a large company interacting with research and production.

Patrick Renaud

Beatrice shares with enthusiasm and passion her exceptional expertise in colors and textures.
She has been able to enhance the function of design at the highest strategic level, pugnaciously demonstrating the emotional and even functional contribution of color within architectural projects.
Her vast experience and keen sense of trends make her an inescapable expert.

Monique LARGE
Pollen Consulting

Thank you Beatrice. Well done for what you're doing.
Yours, Elizabeth

Designer, specialist in textile innovation

With her experience, Béatrice offers relevant ideas and a fair vision on the evolution of design / color as well as a partnership always very pleasant.

Marie-Claude MAUCHAMP
Teaching in Plastic Arts

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